The Richard wheatley Museum

Richard Wheatley Museum

Welcome to the virtual Richard Wheatley Museum. This is a free resource for anyone who collects, deals in or uses vintage fishing tackle made or sold by Richard Wheatley. Here you will find the history of the Company and their products made in leather, steel, wood, plastic & aluminium. Richard Wheatley led the way when they started and continue to innovate with their modern products

How to find the section you want in the menu

Wheatley Museum contains the history of the Company

Early Boxes contains Black & Brown Japaned, Cast Boxes & Fly wallet

Clips Boxes are listed in numerical order

Other Alloy Boxes contains Compartment, Kilroy, Magnetic & other alloy boxes

Miscellany has dating boxes, foams, finishes, fly tying & Angler's Sundries

Special Modern Boxes has commemorative plastic & Translux box

Hardy Cummins has Security Grip, Unthank & other retailers boxes

Minnow Boxes contains Hockley Minnows

Loch Leven Boxes

Contacts has Sales and acknowledgements


Proto types of the first anodised box with a matt surface. Showing logo trials. The final box had a shinny surface and is now almost sold out and follows the format of the box on the right.